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  • Blackjack Platinum VIP

    Blackjack Platinum VIP is one of the fastest and authentic blackjack tables that is available and powered by Evolution Gaming. This version is available exclusively for VIP and can be easily differentiated by the colour of the table that is in the grey shade and having live dealers. Only the players who are keenly interested in the gameplay of this version are the high-rollers due to the high stake involved in the same. The minimum bet that the players need to place starts from 250 credit points, whereas the maximum bet depends on the rules of the house.

    How to play Blackjack Platinum VIP?

    Blackjack Platinum VIP is played with the 8 decks of the playing cards and the dealer can draw up to sixteen and keep standing on the seventeen. The players get the flexibility where they get to choose from any of the double down, split only once or split initial cards. They can also go and place the insurance side bet. However, the difference is in the payout where the Blackjack can pay 3 to 2, and insurance bets can pay 2 to 1. Just like all the other blackjack games, the main aim is to get the total of 21.

    Know more about the game

    The game starts with giving the players with two cards in the initial stage. Then onwards, the players can request for more cards to reach the desired sum of the numbers. In case the total exceeds 21, then it’s a bust and the player loses the turn and the stake. Blackjack Platinum VIP got the number cards at the usual numerical values, picture cards counted as 10, and the Ace with the value of 11. If you get one picture and an Ace at the beginning itself, it is known as ‘natural’.

    To Sum Up

    Overall, Blackjack Platinum VIP is the game all about the calculations, skills, and luck. It is an amazing game especially offered to the elite customers who wish to play with huge betting stakes. The live Blackjack game is available for the players on various platforms and modes. The live experience takes the players to play at another level making it livelier and fun-filled. The multiple camera angles and its high-quality video give the players an amazing interaction with the game. It proves to be the great platforms for all the VIP players where they play in the big leagues without dropping more of money.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Blackjack Platinum VIP

    Posted On: 24/01/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Blackjack Platinum VIP