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  • Blackjack Grand VIP

    Do you enjoy Blackjack games? If yes, then get ready for another game by Evolution Gaming. This time you would get the VIP entry into the game and all the luxurious VIP services will be given to you. As the name suggests, Blackjack Grand VIP is specially made for those players who love to put high stakes into the casino.

    Understand the Blackjack Grand VIP

    Blackjack Grand VIP is specially designed keeping in mind the high wagers and their preferences. The orientation is kept simple and basic regardless of its stylish design. Added to this, the rules of the gameplay are kept intact. In this game, you must get “21” on your scoreboard or achieve a higher number than the dealer without getting busted.

    Simple Gameplay and The Bet

    Like most of the Blackjack games online, Grand VIP will also be played with 8 decks of playing cards giving you a simple and easy gameplay. The aces in each deck of playing cards are given value 1 or 11. Start the game by placing the bets but must keep in mind that you will be given a limited time to set your bets. As it is clear from the Blackjack Grand VIP name, the game is specially developed for high rollers and you must place a minimum bet of £500 to begin your game. After this, you would be taken to a table which is very well designed for VIPs. Once the bets have been placed, the dealer will deal four cards. Out of four, two will be given to you which will be displayed on your screens and other two will be placed at the bar.

    You will be given the following options out of which you have to choose one: double down, split, stay, request a card or take an insurance.

    Game Strategy

    You should keep in mind the following strategies for an easy win:

    ● Stop when you have an eight and an Ace which is also known as “19 soft”
    ● Stop when a “17 hard” is attained and it could be attained by the two cards having no Ace at all

    Concluding the Blackjack Grand VIP

    Another blockbuster blackjack game is here with HD visuals giving you a very realistic view of the game. You could switch to any of the two views available: 2D or 3D and start placing your bets to have a refreshing feel to Blackjack.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Blackjack Grand VIP

    Posted On: 24/01/2018

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Blackjack Grand VIP