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  • Blackjack Classic Low

    Blackjack Classic Low is a variation for players who prefer lower betting limits to win bigger rewards. This game is also powered by multiple hands of main hands and side betting as well. The graphics are professionally designed to make the atmosphere look like that of a real casino. There is a nice green table with four decks of cards. There is a cool jazz music that plays in the background that makes the game more exciting. The betting here starts from £0.10 and maximum is just £5 per hand. So including three hands, you can place £15 as maximum bet per game.

    About the developer of Blackjack Classic Low

    This amazing new blackjack variant with side bets and lower bet limits was created by NetEnt. One of the largest casino game suppliers in the world with various different categories of games to suit all types of players.

    About the game

    Blackjack Classic Low allows wagering on one, two or all three hands simultaneously. To help you win better, there is side betting game called ‘Double Jack’ too. The main hands are played with basic rules where you cannot exceed 21. To win, you need to score better points than the dealer. If the dealer gets a BUST, you will win all three hands. If you get a BUST, the dealer wins and you will lose the amount you have wagered on that hand. However, you can still win the remaining hands. There are options such as split, insurance and double to help you win better.

    • Splitting of hands: This is allowed only if your initial pair of cards have identically valued numbers. You can split all hands that meet this condition. The split hands will receive a second card each and the game is played using main hand rules.
    • Insurance: In Blackjack Classic Low, you can buy insurance when an ace is the open card of the dealer. The fee of 50% on your betting is charged but you are paid two to one if the dealer gets a blackjack. Otherwise, the game proceeds as normal and you can still win from the hands that you are playing.
    • Side Bet: The double jack requires you to get either first card as Jack, a pair of jacks or twin jack of spades to win. The payout is 10x, 25x and 100x respectively and is paid much before the main game starts.


    With three main hands and ability to play lower betting limits, Blackjack Classic Low is the best game for budget players.


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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Blackjack Classic Low

    Posted On: 22/08/2017

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Blackjack Classic Low