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  • Big Foot Scratch

    Big Foot Scratch is a scratch card game that has more than a passing resemblance to NextGen’s Big Foot online slot game. This is not really surprising as it was heavily inspired by and borrows elements from it. It might be just a scratch game, but Big Foot Scratch still manages to punch above its weight class and deliver a convincing performance. The graphics are more than adequate, but not ground-breaking, while the overall effect is above-average. Want to be a Big Foot and scratch your way to glory? Then this is just your thing. Let’s go see what itchy wonders this scratch game can scratch up.

    Big Foot Scratch, Big Foot Features

    In the game, the usual scratch card rules are adhered to. Gameplay is simple in the extreme. To play and win, just get a matching set of three scratch cards. Depending on the paytable this gives you wins. Since this is 3 X 3 scratch card game, getting three of the nine cards to match can be something of an uphill struggle. But enjoyable all the same when the feat is at last accomplished. Bet amounts vary to take care of different player sensibilities. The minimum bet is therefore 20p, while the maximum is £200.

    To play, just decide on a likely bet amount. Apart from standard play, there’s also an Autoplay feature. The latter comes recommended for scratch card addicts who play for long stretches.

    While available features in the game are sparse, they are still cute and lovely. As well as engaging. Game symbols consist of the Big Foot, a valley, a footprint, an owl, a signpost and a few others that chip in their bit to make the game interesting. To check the weight of the game symbols, kindly consult the paytable. Not surprisingly, Ole Big Foot himself is the biggest weighted symbol of all. Getting that elusive monster gets you 1000x your stake.

    The valley and footprint symbols do offer adequate enough returns. But the same sadly cannot be said for the owl or the sign post.

    Final Thoughts

    Based on the wildly popular online slot game, Big Foot Scratch is fulfilling, rewarding and scratches up enough fun to make the hours happily roll by. With an RTP of 90.86% and the possession of extreme suitability for all manner of play and players of differing pocket depths, this scratch game is thus easily recommended.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Big Foot Scratch

    Posted On: 06/05/2016

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Big Foot Scratch