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    Baccarat Live is a card game in casino. It is popular because of its simple gameplay. In this card game, the player is given a screen which has video vision of a table, a dealer, along with a chat window, and a bet timer. The backdrop is a blue screen over which the live video is played accompanied by a clear and a loud audio. This game presents the real casino environment pretty well and is especially liked by impatient players due to its fast-paced nature.

    Extreme Live Gaming developed this game. This is an exciting and a unique game for the players to have a fun time. Players can enjoy this game at their home from mobile devices, TV or desktop monitors.

    Overall view of Baccarat Live

    In Baccarat Live, you will find dealer sitting to the opposite side of you in the baccarat table playing with actual cards. The 2 main people involved in the game is a dealer and the player.  Here the player focusses on beating the dealer with a value close to 9. Cards are chosen from 8 decks of 52 cards. 2 cards are handed to the dealer and the player. Player has to guess in advance and bet on as to whose hand will win, the dealer or himself. You can also bet on the dealer’s hand or that the play will end in a tie. Player can bet on any field with different payout values at each.

    The bet ranges from $1 to $200. Player pair, either pair, banker pair, perfect pair small and banker bonuses are the side bet areas provided.

    Advantages of Baccarat Live:

    • The player can easily share the table with his friends and interact with other players which give a realistic feeling to the gameplay.
    • Separate tables are provided to the players with the provision of betting history game statistics.
    • Betting range is wide.


    Baccarat Live provides an authentic and unique casino experience. Without going to a real gambling parlor, player gets the real casino atmosphere. In this game, you will see winning streaks for the banker and the players. Players sometimes note down the game outcomes to find some pattern. If you like playing card games in the casino, then this is a must try game for you. You can get higher winnings by using progressive strategy in betting.

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    Game Summary

    Game Name: Baccarat Live

    Posted On: 18/05/2016

    Author: Alex Hamilton

    Baccarat Live