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Online Blackjack Guide – Tips to Play Soft and Hard Hands

Blackjack has been the personal favourite of many casino players for many years. It has an exciting and thrilling gameplay and unlike some casino games, it requires the involvement of the player all through the gameplay. Soft hands and hard hands are two of the most discussed topic by blackjack players. Some of the tips for playing soft hands and hard hands of online Blackjack are discussed here.

What are soft hand and hard hand in blackjack?

All the hands dealt in a blackjack game comes under either soft hand or hard hand. If one must become a proficient blackjack player, then the player should surely know about soft hand and hard hand as most of the strategies will be including these two terminologies in their process.

  • Hard blackjack hand – a hand is called as a hard blackjack hand if both the cards don’t have an ace.
  • Soft blackjack hand – a hand is called as a soft blackjack hand if at least one card has an ace in it.

Tips for playing soft hands

  • Tracking the cards which the dealer is holding will help a lot in blackjack. In this case, if you have an ace and number two or three and if you predict the dealer having six or five then doubling the bet could be a wise option.
  • Players can go for a hit if they have a combination of ace and a5 or ace and a4. Also, if the dealer has cards between four and six then the preferred option should be “Double Down”.
  • If the players have a combination of ace and a6 then they could go for Hit. But if the dealer has 4, 5 or 6 cards Hit option should not be used.
  • Also, players get confused when they have a combination of ace and a7. If the dealer has any one of 2, 7 and 8 then Stand would be a better option and it the dealer has a card from 3 to 6 then “Double” can be pressed.

Tips for playing hard hands

  • Players can press the “Hit” button if he gets an 8 card or a card with a number less than that.
  • If the player receives 9 and if the dealer has cards between 3 and 6 then “Double Down” could be chosen. “Hit” can be pressed if the dealer has anything else.
  • Players can select “Double Down” if they have 10 and if the dealer shows any number from two to ten. If the dealer has any other cards the player can press “Hit”.

The above-mentioned tips are just one of the better choices in certain scenarios. The player should not be completely dependent on the above-mentioned steps during the gameplay; guaranteed win cannot be assured in blackjack as it is a game of luck. Players should also indulge in a properly licensed and regulated casino. Plush Casino is one of the reputed casinos to offer seamless online blackjack and online roulette casino gaming experience along with impressive bonus and promotional offers. Players are recommended to practice responsible and happy gambling.

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